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The artist Max Neuhaus
Born Aug 9 1939, Beaumont, Texas, USA.
Lives and works in Paris, France and Italy, .
Died Febr 4 2009, Marina di Maratea, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Sound installations.

"My major jump was flipping sound out of time and into place."

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max neuhaus
Break Out Of Your Cage

max neuhaus
Artist website.<br />“In our daily lives, our eye and ear are constantly working together as a closely linked team to form our perception of the world. Traditionally practitioners in the plastic arts have adjusted this perception through the vision, forming with shape and colour. I on the other hand work with our sense of hearing.”

max neuhaus

max neuhaus
Neuhaus builds what he calls "sound works," more than 30 so far, that transform physical "places," most of which exist for other reasons. The premise is that we perceive space with our ears as well as our eyes: We hear a room as well as see it. The change is basic but subtle. A total of five — including two opened this spring on a bridge and in a corridor in Bern — are still running. Having toyed with such terms as "installation" and "sound environment," and trying to determine whether he can be called a sculptor or not, he still has trouble defining what he does. Ask Neuhaus what he is, however, and he answers without delay: "I'm an artist."

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