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The artist Mekhala Bahl
Born 1980, Kanpur, India.
Lives and works in Delhi, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Mekhala Bahl had a few successful exhibitions in the recent past. Her works are noticed for the abstract verve and curious titles.

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Mekhala Bahl
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Mekhala Bahl
Mekhala has never restricted herself to single techniques or media. She has worked with materials as diverse as glass, wood, silk, paper, plastic and quilting. Her technical oeuvre extends from block -printing, etching and lithography, to drawing, painting or simply marks scratched on to the matrix. Mekhala creates endless possibilities; blurring and divesting watertight categories of their legitimacy in her art making. The scale of her work too, ranges from small intimate images to vast canvases, neither, adhering to a practiced formulae…

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