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The artist Meret Oppenheim
Born 1913, Berlin, Germany.
Died 1985, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Surrealism, Writing,

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meret oppenheim
Her contributions to the Surrealist Movement, and associations with many members of the group began well before she turned 20 years of age.

meret’s cup of tea
For many younger women artists Meret Oppenheim is a rôle-model, because of the way she lived her life and realized her creative freedom.

meret oppenheim
"For women, the implications are that they have to live their own female life as well as the female life that men project on them. Thus, they are woman times two. That’s too much."<br>From 1936 onwards, Meret Oppenheim concentrated primarily on creating objects, among them the work that made her famous: a cup and saucer, completed with spoon, covered with the pelt of a gazelle. André Breton enthusiastically gave it the title Déjeuner en fourrure. It is this one surrealist work, commonly referred to as the fur cup, for which she is perhaps best known to the broader public. Indeed, until now, it has tended to overshadow the rest of her oeuvre as an artist. One of the aims of this exhibition is to provide a richer view of her output.

meret oppenheim
Object. Paris 1936. Fur-covered cup

Steinfrau aus Steinen
Förderverein Meret Oppenheim – Steinfrau aus Steinen<br />Meret Oppenheim ist in der kunstinteressierten Öffentlichkeit als Schweizer Künstlerin bekannt. Doch ihr Elternhaus stand während der prägenden Kinder- und Jugendzeit in der Gemeinde Steinen im Wiesental, wo der Vater als ungemein beliebter Arzt bis 1936 praktizierte…

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