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The artist Michael Mazur
Born 1935, New York city, NY, USA.
Lives and works in Cambridge and Provincetown, Massachussetts, .
Died aug 18 2009, Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers,

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michael mazur
One of the most creative artists working in New England, painter Michel Mazur is nationally recognized as a master of contemporary printmaking, both of the editioned print and of the “unique print,” the monotype. This retrospective exhibition spans forty years of activity (1958–98) in which the artist has worked in a rich spectrum of styles: expressionism, realism, and currently, abstraction…

michael mazur
This site is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of Michael Mazur’s career as an artist, featuring a survey of over 50 year’s of artmaking. Additionally, this site is designed to facilitate an educational approach to Michael’s work by providing both technical and video sections. It is through these venues that we hope both students and teachers alike will have easy access to Michael’s painting and printmaking techniques.

michael mazur
Mind Landscape after Chao-Meng-Fu’ and other works

michael mazur
2 Works online

michael mazur
Illumination IV (heat), 2006’ and many other works

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