Mike Hoolboom

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The artist Mike Hoolboom
Born 1959, Totonto, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Mike Hoolboom
Mike Hoolboom continues to refine the tonally complex, multi-chapter, mixed media compositions of his 2003 video essay, Imitations of Life with his latest – and equally ambitious and inspired – offering, Public Lighting…

Mike Hoolboom
Considered the finest experimental filmmaker – or in his words – "fringe filmmaker" of his generation, the prolific and mercurial Hoolboom has made over 50 films and videos since 1980. (Exact numbers vary as Hoolboom notoriously prunes and reshapes his filmography: cutting some films, merging others and completely removing others from circulation.) He has also played a major curatorial and critical role in the Canadian avant-garde film community, working as the fringe film officer at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre from 1988 to 1990, where he started the now defunct magazine The Independent Eye…

Mike Hoolboom
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Mike Hoolboom
Still from Imitations of Life

From Mike Hoolboom
My Pebble Boy

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