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The artist Min Xiaofang
Born 1986, Lengshuijiang in Hunan Province, China.
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art,

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In 2008, Min graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in Guangdong Province, China. She has participated in several GAFA students’ exhibitions, as well as the Youth Arts Festival in Xiaozhou Village.

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Min Xiaofang
In late 2008, Min Xiaofang was amoung more than 1000 artists to apply for the Chinese Art Prize 2008 (CAP), the most important art award that focuses on emerging Chinese artists. Min was selected by the prestigious panel of the CAP as one of the top 25 emerging artists in China, and at a live exhibition of all the finalists at Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, Min Xiaofang was awarded the Gold Prize – as the top emerging Chinese artist of 2008…

Min Xiaofang
Gold Prize winner Min Xiaofang’s renders two meter-tall paintings of children’s homework – mathematics, grammar, English – all graded and corrected in red ink. 10cm-wide patches of white, which looks like correction fluid, add to the authentic appearance of the paintings. In certain pieces, hints of text on the reverse side of the original notebook pages are visible. Female artist Min’s work inspires viewers to ponder the content and meaning of what is being taught to children as if being viewed under a microscope…

Min Xiaofang
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