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The artist Mina Loy
Pseudonym: Mina Gertrude Lowy
Born Dec 27 1882, London, England.
Died Sept 29 1966, Aspen Colorado, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Surrealism, Writing,

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Mina Loy
Mina Loy was born in London on December 27, 1882. She attended a conservative art school and was influenced early on by Impressionism. She achieved some success as a painter, and her paintings were included in the prestigious Salon d'Automne show in Paris, 1905. After several years in the heart of Parisian literary and arts society, Loy moved to the United States in 1916, although her reputation preceded her…

Mina Loy
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Mina Loy, the modernist poet, painter, playwright, actress, and designer of lampshades, lived in Europe during the height of the Futurist, Dada, and Surrealist movements. Her talent, intellect, and exceptional beauty made her one of the central figures of the literary and artistic avant garde who later gathered around Alfred Stieglitz, Walter Conrad Arensberg, and Alfred Kreymborg in New York…

Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes
One of Barnes’s closest friends was the poet, designer, and painter Mina Loy…

Mina Loy
…In 1921 Ezra Pound wrote to Marianne Moore: " […] is there anyone in America except you, Bill [William Carlos Williams] and Mina Loy who can write anything of interest in verse?"

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