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The artist Mircea Cantor
Born 1977, , Romania.
Lives and works in Paris and Nantes, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Sao Paulo Biennale, Marcel Duchamp Prize,

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mircea cantor review
Although only 28, Mircea Cantor has already propagated his own creation myth. Born in Romania, he left home in 1999, hitch-hiking his way through Europe and eventually settling in France. In his work All the Directions (2000) he documents himself holding a blank sign by the side of the road – a message to drivers that he would accept a lift anywhere. Yet for someone so itinerant, Cantor’s practice stays surprisingly tied to his Romanian roots. He is the co-founder and co-editor of a cultural review called Version, based in Cluj and Paris, and although many of his video works focus on travel and tourism, the best of them examine the processes of production and exchange in his own country. These deadpan documents reflect his ambivalent position as refugee, traveller and Romanian native – as both observer and participant in an economy that accommodates and relies on unconventional forms of labour. Are the exchanges entered into by the scrounger, the protester, the cheat or the artist a means of survival, legitimate business practices or just dead labour?

mircea cantor interview
One of the most important young artists emerged in the international art scene since the last decade, Mircea Cantor (*1977, Romania) is best known for his use of video and mixed media installations to address the notions of displacement, uncertainty, fragility of convictions and uneasy confrontation of ideologies. The artist said at an interview that today “as we live in a simultaneous world where various items meet in the same place and time, there is a space of a beautiful tension that can lead toward a new vision”.

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