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The artist Mireille Astore
Born 1961, Beirut, Lebanon.
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Performance Art, Photography,

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Mireille Astore
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Mireille Astore
Mireille Astore is a multi disciplinary artist with a background in the visual and literary Arts, the Sciences, art administration as well as policy development…with portrait

Mireille Astore
Mireille Astore is an artist, poet and an art scholar. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her PhD entitled Missing Lebanon: Art & Autobiography at the University of Western Sydney . She has had numerous solo and group shows and in 2003 she won the National Photographic Purchase Award…

Mireille Astore
Stop proposals that will punish asylum seekers

Mireille Astore
“Tampa” was a site-specific performance, sculpture, photography and web-based art about the plight of recent refugees in Australia…

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