Monika Stricker

Monika Stricker | the artist

The artist Monika Stricker
Born 1978, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Monika Stricker
Monika Stricker's work calls this memory once again to conscience – stepping inside the structure is only possible in our imaginations. The exploration of outside and inside remains closed to us, the Pavilion seems to be a stage onto which the viewer can project himself…

MONIKA STRICKER verarbeitet in ihren Installationen und Skulpturen Ikonen der Kunstgeschichte, der Konzeptkunst, des Minimalismus und der Avantgarde-Architektur ebenso wie popkulturelle Sujets aus Film oder Musik…

Monika Stricker

Monika Stricker
A bold, golden emblem sits like a bulky belt buckle on the side wall of the gallery…

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