Nancy Rubins

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The artist Nancy Rubins
Born 1952, Naples, Texas, USA.
Lives and works in Topanga Canyon, California, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Sculpture Objects, Site specific art, Installation art,

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Nancy Rubins
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Nancy Rubins
Rubins is best known for her monumental, incredibly well-engineered outdoor installations, like the sculpture outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, entitled “Chas’ Stainless Steel, Mark Thompson’s Airplane Parts, About 1000 Pounds of Stainless Steel Wire, and Gagosian’s Beverly Hills Space.” The work that Rubins created for Frostig is her first bronze ever and, while the largest piece so far in The Frostig Collection, is her smallest sculpture…

Nancy Rubins
Pleasure Point

Nancy Rubins
In her attention-grabbing sculptures, Nancy Rubins achieves an unexpected monumentality with such gnarly mediums as wrecked airplane parts, derelict mobile homes, discarded appliances and trussed mattresses stuffed with gooey, rotting cakes. Beyond the poetic associations of their odd materials, critics have seen the sculptures as social commentary on topics ranging from environmental pollution to sexual abuse and eating disorders.

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