Navid Nuur

Navid Nuur | the artist

The artist Navid Nuur
Born 1976, Theran, Iran.
Lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale, Conceptual Art,

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Navid Nuur
When Navid Nuur (b. 1976) speaks about his work, he often uses such terms as ‘beautiful’ or ‘pure’, and sometimes even ‘warm’. The way he relates to material, the space around him and his own observations can almost be called devout. His attention to detail and the careful rapport between the different elements of an exhibition make the viewer part of an ‘internal’ world…

Navid Nuur
What Nuur shares with the conceptual artists of the sixties is the relationship between concept and form. However in his work form is not simply a result of the idea but develops by way of a subjective programme of requirements or rules in which intuition plays a key role. Navid Nuur says: ‘it is a certainty based on feeling which I can only explain later on. However if you have to rationalize a work in order to justify it , it becomes conceptually dead.’ He uses concepts that are related to a temporary interim situation that places his work between the spectator and what is often an abstract phenomenon such as light, energy, air or ‘remaining/ residual space’…

Navid Nuur
MOST OF MY WORKS cannot be classified as installation, photography, or sculpture. I grew tired of people trying to categorize them, so I decided to come up with a new, perhaps more creative name. I use the term “interimodule” because they are temporary modulelike works that feed off each other when they are together. For instance, the light emitted by one work might be absorbed by another…

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