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The artist Navjot Altaf
Born Dec 15 1949, Meerut, Uttar Pradesj, India.
Lives and works in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Video,

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Navjot Altaf
Navjot is a distinguished painter, sculptor, installation artist and filmmaker. Inspired by Marxist ideologies, she has consciously questioned various frameworks of social injustice bringing to her work a sense of social commitment. Explorative and experimental in material and medium, the artist maps the trajectories of memory, history and culture, interrogating the ‘body-politics’, seeing the self as the source of knowledge, and articulating one’s own experience to address issues related to social politics and art…

Navjot Altaf
Navjot’s interest in modes of art practices and social concerns has allowed her to pursue several collaborative and cooperative art projects over the last two decades…

Navjot Altaf
Navjot Altaf is an artist living and working in Mumbai and Bastar. For the past two decades she has produced sculpture and video installations addressing violence in individual and collective memory in India and other parts of the world…

Navjot Altaf
Water Color on Paper

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