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The artist Neo Rauch
Born April 18 1960, Leipzig, Germany.
Lives and works in Leipzig, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, New Leipzig School, The Vincent Award,

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neo rauch
Neo Rauch was raised in Communist East Germany and upon encountering a unified Germany in the early nineties, Rauch assimilated and parodied the social realist ruins of communist art along with the popular imagery of capitalism. His unusual style, which renders contradictory and often competing sensibilities intelligible and seemingly unified, has given rise to a whole generation of painters in the Leipzig area as well as a dynamic gallery scene…

neo rauch
Neo Rauch’s curious and curiously beautiful paintings present a world populated by hybrid animals and hypertrophied humans…

neo rauch
Lösung, 2005

neo rauch
Neo Rauch (born 1960) creates paintings that teeter between Surrealism and popular imagery, defying easy interpretation. Viewers are drawn into scenes replete with strange beings and ambiguous landscapes…

neo rauch

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