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The artist Neville Gabie
Born 1959, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Lives and works in UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Site specific art, Installation art, Photography,

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Neville Gabie
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Neville Gabie
“The project is built upon a permanent work which sees the volume of a tree represented in a variety of states, – as a permanent installation in the forest – four event based pieces that are documented and presented in printed form…

Neville Gabie
“My central concern is in working responsively to specific locations or situations. Those sites are not arbitrary or randomly selected, but fit together, being places in a state of physical or social flux. The nature of locations I chose to work in demands flexibility. Working in a range of media from sculpture to film and photography, projects are usually developed over a sustained period of involvement and often a significant part of my practice involves working collaboratively.”

Neville Gabie
Neville Gabie’s quasi-heroic hunting, harvesting, transporting and maintenance of his two tons of Greenlandish ice echoes both the nineteenth century interest in re-location (Tatton, like most grand houses of its time imported ice from the North Pole) and our newfound societal interest in sustainability. Gabie’s work is problematic: should we be ‘harvesting’ ice from the Pole? We are told, if we don’t, it will simply melt as global temperatures incrementally rise…

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