Nick Mangan

Nick Mangan | the artist

The artist Nick Mangan
Born 1979, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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The sculptures that Nick Mangan makes are essentially accretions, sometimes geological, like crystals; sometimes organic, like coral. They also incorporate unexpected combinations of objects, and reflect the collage principle that has continually influenced art since Picasso began sticking bits of bric-a-brac together a century ago. Mangan expresses an interest in the proliferation of exotic souvenirs…

The Colony
Having graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing) from the Victorian College of the Arts, Nick Mangan is regarded as one of Australia's most promising young artists…

In the crux of matter
In the crux of matter developed from my interest in the chassis of a motorbike as an everyday object. By drawing on its formal sensibilities and abstracting its everyday function, stripping it bare of all practical uses, I look to expose its materiality and pure form…

Nick Mangan's polemical sculptures stage a compelling performance of human exploitation and nature….

Portrait of the artist
Nick Mangan in his Kensington studio

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