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The artist Nicolas de Stael
Born 1914, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Died 1955, Antibes, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Art Informel, Documenta Kassel, Lyrical Abstraction,

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nicolas de stael
The artist is seeking expression in color constructions which are initially formed in one plain, then are built of elements which are gradually becoming more reminiscent of reality…

nicolas de stael
"Painter of the School of Paris; one of the most influential European artists of the post-war period. Of the Russian nobility, born in St Petersburg, son of a major-general…"

nicolas de stael
Composition de Couleurs. Study in Colour

nicolas de stael
"All my life, I had a need to think painting, to paint in order to liberate myself from all the impressions, all the feelings, and all the anxieties of which the only solution I know is painting."

nicolas de stael
L’aile et le bec à la fois, en pensant à Nicolas de Staël

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