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The artist Nicole Wermers
Born 1969, Emsdetten, Germany.
Lives and works in Hamburg and London, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Sculpture Objects, Collage,

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In her collages and sculptures Nicole Wermers relocates the attractions and surfaces of a contemporary consumer culture in architectural structures that hint at the interplay of seduction and control.

Nicole Wermers Palisades shows an upside down camera ride that gives the impression of somebody walking across the ceiling. This simple change of perspective destabilises our point of view…

Nicole Wermers
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Nicole Wermers
French Junkies

Nicole Wermers: Evereyday Alchemy
…Her research takes her from the work of American minimalist artist Anne Truitt and a Coco Chanel documentary exploring the sociological effects of costume jewellery, to the manufacturing process of surfboards.

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