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The artist Nikhil Chopra
Born 1974, Calcutta, India.
Lives and works in New York City, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Venice Biennale,

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Nikhil Chopra
Photo’s of performance

Nikhil Chopra
Sir Raja Project

Nikhil Chopra
Sir Raja III is the third in a series of works that explores a character that I play, and places him in tableaux’s for performances for live audiences and film. The work does not refer to any particular moment in history, or overtly state the place Sir Raja lives in. The story around him is woven through and is a dramatization of personal memory, old family photographs, an ancestral home, and endless stories of the family…

Nikhil Chopra
Chopra is an artist who situates himself clearly within the Indian context. In November 2005, Nikhil Chopra placed himself as the character of Sir Raja III in a series of photographs, entitled ‘What will I do with all this land?’, journeying through his vast estate…

Nikhil Chopra
“I can’t believe we’re a country of a billion people that doesn’t have more than a couple of decent art schools, no contemporary art museum, no real funding, no group of trained curators fluent in contemporary art, no art criticism in the newspapers, just one serious art magazine, Art India, and only a few major collectors of contemporary work. In other words, no real infrastructure at all.”

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