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The artist Nikos Alexiou
Born 1960, Rethymno, Greece.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Installation art,

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Nikos Alexiou
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Nikos Alexiou
<p>Nikos Alexiou (born 1960) is the artist who adds tension to these characteristics, representing the emergence of alterity and the innovative relationships between minor and major. In terms of cultural politics, this kind of attitude seems to embody the ambiguities and the dormant potential of the minor "local scene" for participation in the international cultural discourse.<br />
Alexiou will present in Venice a modular installation inspired by the floor mosaic in the Catholicon of the Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos (10th-11th century).</p>

Nikos Alexiou
Alexiou often returns to early ideas and reworks them. For example, almost a decade ago he visited the Iviron monastery on Mount Athos, inspired by an album of mid-18th-century drawings of the religious community by the Russian monk Vasiliev Grigorovich Barsky. Alexiou traced these images on to rolls of toilet paper, which he then pieced together to form a curtain before presenting them as the set design for a theatre adaptation of a folk tale. A few years later he reworked the drawings on to kitchen paper. For this most recent show Alexiou took as his starting-point his drawings of the monastery and surrounding landscape, employing a cut-and-paste technique to transform the original images into abstract, interrelated motifs…

Nikos Alexiou
Angel rolling up the Heaven

Nikos Alexiou

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