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The artist Nikos Navridis
Born 1958, Athens, Greece.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art,

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nikos navridis
Nikos Navridis (Athens, 1958) is one of the leading exponents of the new generation of Greek artists. He represented his country in the international biennials of São Paulo (1996), Istanbul (1997), Santa Fe in New Mexico (1999) and Venice (2001), and he has participated in numerous international exhibitions held in Sweden, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Ireland…

nikos navridis
Snow Balloons or Traping Their Own Breaths

nikos navridis
I have thought about what might happen if one could ‘encounter’ a breath, if one could find oneself within it but also about how one can visualise what is going on. East Room at Tate Modern is the ideal location with glass walls free, ready to receive these breaths which, while being diffused are also projected on them as well as the viewers…

nikos navridis
Michalis Manoussakis was born in 1953 in Crete. Gratuated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens (1984), he started his creative carreer as freelancer. Working in the solitary studio was not enough, so since 1987 the artist has been teaching in the same school whose diploma he has in his pocket. Manoussakis has exhibited his work in Athens, Geneva, London, Nicosia, Thessalonica. Now he lives in Athens. Manoussakis paints on natural wooden boards and usually leaves the human body unpainted. He believes that humans and trees have to fulfil the responsible role of life’s continuity…

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