Noritoshi Hirakawa

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The artist Noritoshi Hirakawa
Born 1960, Fukuoka, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Relational art,

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Noritoshi Hirakawa

Noritoshi Hirakawa
Subject' is the first architectural photography project by Noritoshi Hirakawa, who is renown for his erotic and intimate images of young women and dancers. Here his models are staged within the University of Toronto’s Graduate House designed by Thom Mayne, in a contemporary "tableau vivant"…

Noritoshi Hirakawa & Vivan Sundaram
The Composition of Desire

Noritoshi Hirakawa
"La dune II"

Noritoshi Hirakawa
…The question that Hirakawa cannot answer—and is no clearer after this performance—is, “Does America really have a conscience?” The value of Hirakawa’s work lies in our consideration of this question. The glossy reality of current American life may have left such consideration far behind.

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