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The artist Norman Catherine
Born Sept 1949, East-London, South Africa.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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norman catherine
Artist website<br /> In 1969 he held his first solo exhibition consisting of oil paintings on wood, bone, wire and an assortment of found objects. His art has since undergone several metamorphoses, from the pristine airbrush paintings of the 70s to the frenzied, ritualistic mixed media works of the early and mid 80s; the wire sculptures and tin can works of the late 80s, and the primitive-futuristic paintings of the early 90s which provided the seeds for his pre-millennial menagerie of anthropomorphic beasts. In the thirty years spanning his past and present output, Catherine’s visual trademarks have included rough-edged comical and nightmarish forms, rendered in brash cartoon colours. His idiosyncratic vision Рa combination of dark cynicism and exuberant humour, as well as his innovative use of everyday materials, has secured his place at the forefront of South African contemporary art.

norman catherine
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norman catherine
Norman Catherine was born in 1949 is East London, Eastern Cape where he grew up and spent most of his childhood. After finishing his studies at East London Technical College in 1968 he had his first solo Exhibition at the Durban Art Gallery in 1969…

norman catherine
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norman catherine
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