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The artist Oliver Payne Nick Relph
Born Oliver: 1977; Nick: 1979, London, England.
Lives and works in London and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Brought up in west London, they became friends as teenagers and first came to critical attention with a trilogy of engaging and at times satirical films.

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Oliver Payne & Nick Relph
Since 1999, Oliver Payne and Nick Relph have been making films together that combine a diverse range of influences and approaches…

Oliver Payne & Nick Relph
elph and Payne claim to be neither artists nor filmmakers. "The only shocking thing about modern British art," they say, "is its total insignificance to anything going on in modern Britain." That might be said about any art for which market reality is the only reality. They pay attention to another possibility and to what is before us.

Review of the work by Oliver Payne & Nick Relph.

Oliver Payne & Nick Relph

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