Omer Ali Kazma

Omer Ali Kazma | the artist

The artist Omer Ali Kazma
Born 1971, Istanbul, Turkey.
Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Athens Biennale, Istanbul Biennial,

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Ali Ömer Kazma
This video installation is about the football team Galatasaray Istanbul and its coach Fatih Terim. Ömer Ali Kazma filmed the football players in a great variety of situations: horsing around in the locker room, on a trip to Moscow, back in Istanbul for a home game, running into the stadium, stormy applause and cannonades of abuse by 40,000 fans, or words of praise and tirades from the coach…

Ali Ömer Kazma
Ali Ömer Kazma who also exhibited in the 2001 7 th Istanbul Biennial after studying at the New School in New York is interested in the social implications of the camera…

Ali Ömer Kazma
WHAT REMAINS, another brief review

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