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The artist Otmar Alt
Born July 17 1940, Wernigerode, Germany.
Lives and works in Hamm, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Sculpture Objects,

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Otmar Alt
Traumfenster (Dreamwindow)

Otmar Alt
The spectrum of his artistic activities ranges from paintings, water-colours, bronze sculptures and graphics to ceramics, glass and porcelain works, which are partly manufactured in the famous Rosenthal factory, through to art carpets. For years the works of the 54-year old artist have been continuously shown in a cham of exhibitions in museums, galleries and art societies. Otmar Alt belongs to the few artists who have achieved an ongoing evolution from the popularity of a much sought-after rising artist to a calmer, mature master. Even as a young man, Alt was successful in forcing himself into the front ranks on the art scene and the flowing passage from an art student to a successful, freelance artist saved him from falling into an artistic or financial hole…

Otmar Alt
The Moon Rabbit (Der Mondhase)

Otmar Alt
His work has been described as "cheerfully grotesque". Think of very colourful jigsaw puzzles and it may give you some idea what Alt is all about. Like the Catalan artist Joan MirĂ³, who has inspired his work, Alt not only sculpts but paints and works in ceramics. Jewellery, toys, lamps, eyeglasses – he’s done them all!

Otmar Alt
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