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The artist Pablo Atchugarry
Born Aug 23 1954, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Pablo Atchugarry
His love of art was inherited from his father, who was also a practicing artist. By the age of 11 Atchugarry was already exhibiting his own work and he held his first solo exhibition in Montevideo when he was just 18. In addition to painting, he also began to experiment with cement, wood and metal. After several visits to Europe, he became fascinated by the possibilities offered by Carrara marble for the creation of large sculptures…

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Pablo started showing his works at the age of eleven and, as an adolescent, soon started feeling the need to express himself in other forms and materials, such as sculpture in cement and compositions in metal and wood, although without neglecting his painting. Pablo’s first personal exhibition was held in the Civic Room in Montevideo in 1972, followed two years later by his first exhibition abroad in Buenos Aires…

Pablo Atchugarry
The Pablo Atchugarry Museum was inaugurated in Lecco, nestling between the lake and the mountains, on September 25th 1999. Here visitors can admire the artist’s creations and observe him at work in his workshop next-door to the Museum. In the spring of 2001, the Province of Milan organized a retrospective of the last ten years of Pablo’s works in Palazzo Isimbardi…

Pablo Atchugarry

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