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The artist Paul Eluard
Pseudonym: Emile Paul Grindel
Born Dec 14 1895, Saint-Denis, France.
Died Nov 18 1952, Charenton, .
Style and technique of the artist: Dada, Surrealism, Writing,

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"Hope raises no dust."

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paul eluard
He was particularly inspired by Walt Whitman. In 1918, Jean Paulhan “discovered” him and introduced him to André Breton and Louis Aragon. This was his introduction to the Surrealist movement. After a marital crisis, he travelled, returning to France in 1924. Éluard’s writings of this period reflect his tumultuous experiences: he had another bout of tuberculosis and separated from Gala when she left him for Salvador Dalí. In 1934, he married Nusch (Maria Benz), a model and a friend of his friends Man Ray and Pablo Picasso, who was considered somewhat of a mascot of the surrealist movement. During World War II, he was involved in the French Resistance. He battled also with his poems, such as his 1942 poem Liberty and Les sept poèmes d’amour en guerre (1944). His work was quite militant, yet simple…

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