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The artist Per Kirkeby
Born 1938, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Printmakers,

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per kirkeby
We also find the organic brush strokes in Kirkeby, who in the same way as Jorn works towards a pure colouristic expressionism. The recurrent figurative elements in Kirkeby’s pictures are the tree, the cave and two figures engaged in a form of dialogue. By virtue of the obtrusive effects of the painting, these motifs take on an almost symbolic character. The secret of the paintings lies hidden behind the tree, in the cave or in the embrace. This is the essence of Kirkeby’s romantic tendency. At the same time, he stresses the painting’s existence as painting…

per kirkeby
Per Kirkeby has in the past two, three years been working on paintings and drawings on 230 cm high sheets of paper in view of the dimension of Portikus: “I wanted a ‘genre’ which was not painting in grey tones or a blown-up drawing, without the reproductive representation of monotypes. Instead, pictures like ‘manifests’, reflections on principle, but indeed without ‘linguistic’ unambiguity”. “It was a process taking several years, a long warm-up phase, starting from a pre-set basic concept, to intensify the drawings that were being created and make them increasingly ‘unambiguous’.”..

per kirkeby
Per Kirkeby (b. 1938) is the most important painter in Scandinavia today. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s big late summer exhibition, Per Kirkeby – Louisiana 2008 is, on the one hand, a celebration of the artist’s 70th birthday, and on the other, provides a key to a deeper understanding of what Kirkeby’s art is really about by showing the bearing structures and elements in Kirkeby’s painting over more than 40 years…

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The work of Danish artist Per Kirkeby (b. 1938) resists easy categorisation. Over the past four decades he has created an oeuvre that encompasses paintings on hardboard and canvas, blackboards, works on paper, small and large-scale bronze sculptures, ambitious brick structures and actual architecture, as well as an extensive body of writings that bear witness to his exceptional erudition..

per kirkeby

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