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The artist Peter Behrens
Born 1868, Hamburg, Germany.
Died 1940, Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Jugendstil, Design, Architecture, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau,

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Peter Behrens was not only the father of German industrial design – he was also the founder of corporate identity. Working for AEG, Behrens was the first person to create logos, advertising material, and company publications with a consistent, unified design.

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peter behrens
Behrens embodied a wide range of visionary talents. A Renaissance man in the true sense of the word, he moved with ease between several disciplines: painting, graphic design, architecture, and furniture design. Behrens worked with, and was an inspiration to, some of the biggest names in Modernism, including one Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus school…

peter behrens
The framework is painted poplar, the upholstery red leather. These seats, with their splayed feet, gracefully curved armrests and openwork backrests are remarkable for their elegant restraint…

peter behrens
Works in the MOMA collection

peter behrens
Carnegie Museum of Art

Avante-garde geometric forms
This group of tableware was designed by Peter Behrens for his own house at Darmstadt. It forms part of a group of tableware comprising two porcelain plates and a cup and saucer with stencilled overglaze decoration made by the porcelain factory of Gebrüder Bauschen, a wine glass with a clear bowl and ruby stem made by Rheinische Glashütten, and a cast silver fork made by M.J. Rückert…

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