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The artist Peter Campus
Born 1937, Manhattan, New York, USA.
Lives and works in East Patchogue, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Video,

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peter campus

peter campus
Campus’ close-circuit works subvert the viewer/work relationship; it is only when the visitor enters the field of the work’s apparatus that the piece is actually activated. Far from being interactive in the better known sense of the term, Kiva, Stasis and mem are fully realised only through the visitor’s movements within the space; but while we observe and explore a different, yet live and highly recognisable portrait of ourselves, such physical engagement soon becomes mental and emotional. In mem for example – showing in London for the first time – as one approaches the projection surface, the image becomes smaller to the point of receding and disappearing. This work, like all of Campus’, ask the existential question of what is a true image and it is this concern that places campus’ work within the history of the visual arts as much as within that of the moving image…

peter campus
Three Transitions. 1973. MOMA

peter campus
Three Transitions

peter campus
Image and self

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