Peter Friedl

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The artist Peter Friedl
Born 1960, Oberneukirchen, Austria.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany & New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Documenta Kassel, Sao Paulo Biennale,

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Peter Friedl
<p>“What interests me about a new concept of genre is how it can create a difference to the old politics of identity. It offers the freedom to look at things more differently, which becomes again interesting in a political and aesthetic prospect. Things become a little strange if their relative autonomy is enforced.” <br />
Peter Friedl</p>

Peter Friedl
…Peter Friedl is one of the few Austrians who has a conceptual rigorousness and artistic ability to follow and drive forth this development within art at an elevated level of complexity at an international level…

Peter Friedl
Untitled (20 Years of Resistance)

Im Rahmen eines Stipendiums in Ramallah begann Peter Friedl sich fur das Schicksal des einzigen palästinensischen Zoos in der Stadt Qalqilyah (West Bank, seit 2003 vom israelischen "Sicherheitszaun" eingeschlossen) zu interessieren, weil er plante, seine "Bildverweigerung (was ‘Palästina’ betrifft) als ästhetisches Modell zuzuspitzen, bis daraus plötzlich Lösungen entstehen".

Peter Friedl
Ohne Titel (badly organized)

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