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The artist Peter Klasen
Born 1935, Lübeck, Germany.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Photography, Sculpture Objects,

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Peter Klasen
My childhood would have been without history if there had not been the war whose my family suffered like so many others. Neither my father nor my uncle – this last, painter, were pupil of Otto Ten – returned from Russia where they had been sent. My first memories are related to these dramas and the terrible bombardments, of my city…

Peter Klasen
Artist Peter Klasen is a master of contrasts. Of fragment and entirety, of hard plate against soft skin. He is constantly finding new approaches…

Peter Klasen
Artist's website

Peter Klasen

Peter Klasen
„Since the sixties, Peter Klasen has been one of the co-founders of `figurative narrative`. In his collage pictures, he processes today´s world of the media: photographs, illustrated newspapers, films, advertisements and medical journals. With this approach, he contrasts different image stimulators: the sensualitiy of provocative breasts and the functionalitiy of a light switch. Sex appeal and fears. When female attractions are in opposition to the world of technology – we see humanity exposed to high tension – this is Klasen´s key expression.

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