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The artist Pilvi Takala
Born 1981, Helsinki, Finland.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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pilvi takala
<p><b>The New Girl</b><br /><br />
Pilvi Takala and Lucy McKenzie</p>

pilvi takala

pilvi takala
Istanbul Biennial<br />Upon arriving in Istanbul, Takala was struck by the local coffeehouses kahves in Turkish, which she compares to living rooms for men. Most kahves have a group of men who are regulars and spend hours everyday playing games such as okey or 51. Takala was fascinated by how difficult it felt for her, as a young foreign woman, to enter these places…

The Announcer
Pilvi Takala is mostly working with site-specific issues. She designs a situation and then awaits what happens. Usually presented as video or slide installation, her work modestly tests the invisible boundaries in specific communities and environments…

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