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The artist Pirkle Jones
Born Jan 2 1914, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.
Died March 15, 2009, San Rafael, California, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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“I think that Pirkle Jones is an artist in the best sense of the term,” Ansel Adams

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Pirkle Jones
In 1956 Pirkle Jones collaborated with his longtime friend Dorothea Lange on Death of a Valley, a series of photographs documenting the final year of a small town now submerged under Lake Berryessa. The project is the departure point for an exhibition of Jones’s work, which consists primarily of California landscapes. Also on view are 60 additional California landscapes from the SFMOMA collection by photographers ranging from Lange and William Garnett to Robert Adams and Lewis Baltz…

Pirkle Jones
Black Panther Party National Headquarters window, shattered by the bullets of two Oakland policemen, September 10, 1968

Pirkle Jones
Couple at the Cemetery, from the Back, Beryessa Valley, from the series Death of a Valley.

Pirkle Jones
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