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The artist R B Kitaj
Pseudonym: Ronald Brooks
Born 1932, Cleveland OHIO, USA.
Died Oct 21 2007, California, .
Style and technique of the artist: Pop Art, Painting, Documenta Kassel,

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R.B. Kitaj and the Art of Memory

R. B. Kitaj was in London for so long, and so ensconced in the so called School of London with Lucian Freud, David Hockney and Francis Bacon, that I was shocked to learn some years back that he is actually from Cleveland, Ohio, and born to the commonplace moniker, Ron Brooks…

r b kitaj
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r b kitaj
<p>Kitaj has called his paintings “picture ideas." One could say that perhaps more than most other artists Kitaj’s paintings serve as a forum: a <br />
place of open, visual discussion for his multifarious ideas; for his feelings – especially for his late beloved wife, Sandra – feelings mixed with <br />
memory, sexual desire, love and sorrow; for the diverse images which collide from many different sources; and for what he refers to as his <br />
obsession with the "Jewish Question." For some time, fundamental to Kitaj’s artistic concerns and to his complex personality is his need to express the experience of being a Jew and the significance to him of how that relates to making art, and consequently, how Jewish art relates…"</p>

Renewal and Resistance
David Cohen in conversation with R.B. KITAJ in Los Angeles

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