Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn | the artist

The artist Rebecca Horn
Born March 24 1944, Michelstadt, Germany.
Lives and works in Zell-Bad Konig, .
Style and technique of the artist: Der Kaiserring, Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Video, Site specific art, Sydney Biennale, Praemium Imperiale Award,

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Rebecca Horn
Inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka and Jean Genet and the films of Luis Bunuel and Pier Paolo Pasolini, Horn has a fascination with alchemy, Surrealist machines, and the absurd.

Rebecca Horn
Rebecca Horn is one of the most illustrious contemporary German artists. In her work, she combines a variety of media: video, performance, installation, and sculpture.

Rebecca Horn: Large Feather Wheel

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn
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Rebecca Horn
Rebecca horn à la galerie lelong (video)

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