red-blue group

(movement, 1920-1926)

Red-blue or red-blue group was called a Basel art association in the 1920s, which stood close to expressionism. The group was modeled after the Dresden artist group “Brücke”. They did not have any explicit program, but a closeness to the style of their mentor Ernst Ludwig Kirchner cannot be denied, their objective is a rejection of the dark painting of their contemporaries. After just three exhibitions the group “Rot-Blau” broke up again in 1926, as Müller died unexpectedly in 1926 and Hermann Scherer fell ill the same year and died a year later in Basel at the age of 34. The connections to Kirchner are particularly evident in landscapes, figure groups and in a high-contrast colors. The self-designation by the colors red and blue shows the importance of these two primary colors in the works of the artists’ group.

Red-Blue Group Artists

Paul Camenisch
August 2, 2011 / By The Artists
Albert Muller
August 2, 2011 / By The Artists
Hermann Scherer
August 2, 2011 / By The Artists
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
December 28, 2008 / By The Artists

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