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The artist Remy Zaugg
Born 1943, Courgenay, Schwitzerland.
Died Aug 2005, , Switzerland.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Printmakers,

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remy zaugg
DE LA CÉCITÉ (on being blind)

remy zaugg
Installation at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

remy zaugg
Rémy Zaugg, who died – much too early – in August this year (he was born in Courgenay in 1943 and died in Basel in 2005), was one of the most radical artists of our time. His works and writings are among the most profound reflections on our perception of the world. The image is a privileged platform for existential research by the artist since, in its spatial individualisation and immediate presence, it inevitably contributes to individual perception…

remy zaugg
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remy zaugg
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