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The artist Rene Daniels
Born 1950, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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rene daniels
In de tekeningen en schilderijen van Rene Daniëls buitelen vormen en kleuren over en door elkaar heen. Palingen en mossels worden samengeplakt in zwanen. Platte elpees worden driedimensionaal en snorren door de ruimte als vliegtuigwielen. De schilderijen zijn voorzien van ronkende en ironische titels en soms van teksten. Daniels noemde zijn werk beeldend dichten: beeld en tekst maken een kruisbestuiving…

rene daniels
Palace of the Arts’

Memoires van een Vergeetal
Dutch painter René Daniëls’s "bow tie" works from the 1980s offer painterly thoughts on perception, placing the viewer in a certain position…

rene daniels
Times change. In the mid-1980’s when the Dutch painter Rene Daniels had a couple of shows at Metro Pictures, no one paid attention. Neo-Expressionism reigned. Mr. Daniels’s pictures were out of step. Maybe somebody noticed his link to Polke and Baselitz or saw that, like them and David Salle, Mr. Daniels stole a few tricks from Picabia, the quick-change artist and all-purpose subversive. But the pictures were too subdued, too Conceptual, too ironic and too, well, Dutch, for anybody in America to care…

rene daniels
“It always comes down to painting,” Rene Daniels once said, a statement that resonates with some dissonance across a body of work permeated through and through with writing, word games, literary references, visual puns, and allusions to art movements, institutions, and mass media. Yet walking through the artist’s recent show, I was in fact struck by the immediacy and dynamism of paintings, mostly medium- to large-scale, that ranged from hectic cartoons to monumental portraiture. Engaged in an ongoing dialogue with gouache and watercolor-and-ink drawings, the canvases are animated by fluid brushstrokes, broad fields of color laid down in transparent and semi-opaque layers, and forms that have been flattened, simplified, or outlined. One has a strong sense of painterly spontaneity and control, of free gesture and concentrated reflection. As the works here evince, Daniels can and indeed does paint…

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