Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique | the artist

The artist Rene Lalique
Born Apr 6 1860, Ay, Marne region, France.
Died May 5 1945, Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Art Deco, Art Nouveau,

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René Lalique
The collection of works by René Lalique (1860-1945) is quite exceptional for the quality of the jewellery and other objects, particularly the glass, which, because of its quality and consistency is considered to be quite unique.

René Lalique
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René Lalique
Lalique avoided using precious stones and the conservatively classical settings favored by other leading jewelers of the time…

René Lalique
Rene Lalique was born a rural 19th century man in a pre-industrialized Europe. It was a time before light bulbs, and telephones, before automobiles and washing machines and electricity. But by the time of his death in 1945 just two months before the dawn of the atomic age, he would have completed two careers spanning two different centuries. By 1900 at the age of 40, he was the most celebrated jeweler in the world and an art nouveau artist and designer of magnificent proportions…

René Lalique
What appears to be two sprays of the ‘viburnum opulus roseum’ shrub – the Guelder rose – is in fact a costly hairpin by the famous designer René Lalique. The hairpin is made of a translucent horn apparently so fragile that the flowers of diamond clusters seem to be bending the leaves…

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