Reto Boller

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The artist Reto Boller
Born 1966, Zurich, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Zurich, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Site specific art,

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Reto Boller
Swiss artist Reto Boller divides his works between sculptural installations and in-situ pieces that jolt the viewer into thinking long and hard about space, both personal and public, and how art can or must invade it…

Reto Boller
In the nineties art was dominated by video-art and photography. A banal question that occurs to you is why Reto Boller started to paint. Not that painting was "dead", as many people had been suggesting, but it did very much shift into the background of artistic discourse at that time…

Reto Boller
The painter Reto Boller was commissioned to create a site-specific work for the new building of a primary school in Dättnau/Winterthur (CHE)…

Reto Boller

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