Reynir Hutber

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The artist Reynir Hutber
Born , 1981, England.
Lives and works in London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Sculpture Objects, Performance Art,

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2010 Catlin Art Prize

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Reynir Hutber
My current practice combines elements of installation, live art and sculpture. Recent projects explore the teleprocessed body as visual metaphor, siting it in situations where its “less than” status may speak of destitution, collapse, political protest or prostration…

Reynir Hutber
Reynir Hutber's multidisciplinary projects explore concerns commonly associated with Seventies' performance practice. Notions such as endurence, transcendence and transgression are re-examined through the lens of an era in which the authenticity of a visual document is increasingly hard to verify and appearances are effectively everything. Hutber seeks, as in the most infamous works of artists such as Chris Burden and Marina Abramović, to pursue risk and to engage his audience in an ethical and aesthetic experiment…

Reynir Hutber
"My work encompasses aspects of installation, live art and sculpture and explores themes of social visibility, responsibility and control. Many of my recent projects blend looped recordings of my body with relayed video of the viewer, compressing them into a mediated image that is both cohesive and deceitful."

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