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The artist Ricci Albenda
Born Jan 24 1966, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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ricci albenda
Albenda's word paintings have always relied on the power of the familiar. The harmonies wrought into these works seem to capture the platonic essence of their subjects. This essence, not so much eternal as generated by experience, is currently limited to the colorless forms of letters and words. COLOR-I-ME-TRY in universal use would introduce familiar color patterns in association with each word, making every word more like a picture, giving more richness to the act of reading and a stronger visceral connection to the written word…

ricci albenda
It is impossible to do with a word processor what Ricci Albenda has done with text in his paintings, though it is likely you might not notice. In Albenda¬ís universe, there are alphabets and wor(l)ds of color, letters, halos, periods, songs and song fragments, nonsensical maybe words and word play. Periods define end points on nearly every wor(d)k. A single exclamation point (eek!) squeaks on a red canvas…

ricci albenda
Works in the MOMA collection

ricci albenda
Portal to Another Dimension (Deborah)/Negative, Portal to Another Dimension (Deborah)/Positive, 2001.

ricci albenda
Mr. Albenda, Brooklyn-born and in his early 30's, installed a related piece a year or so ago in the basement of P.S. 1 in Queens: a roomlike environment with white plastered walls and a small central platform. Everything was immaculate, and everything was slightly off. The platform was neither high enough to be a table nor low enough to be a seat. The walls were odd-sized, asymmetrical and interrupted by reliefs of labial or buttocks-like forms, based on freehand doodle-like drawings by the artist. The effect is cool, weird, magical…

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