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The artist Richard Serra
Born Nov 2 1939, San Francisco, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Minimal Art, Land and Environmental, Praemium Imperiale Award, Der Kaiserring, Whitney Biennial,

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richard serra
Sculptor Richard Serra was interviewed by Mark Simmons at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, just prior to the opening of Serra’s show at the Museum’s Geffen Contemporary building.

richard serra
Richard Serra was born November 2, 1939, in San Francisco. While working in steel mills to support himself, Serra attended the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Barbara from 1957 to 1961, receiving a B.A. in English literature…

richard serra
Before anything else, one sees four long sheets of rusted steel. One faces them edge on, curving away without visible end. They lean toward and away from each other, as if considering which way to sway first. In fact, two swing off in near parallel just slightly to the left, two just off to the right. But at first one sees only thick, roughly cut edges. One has to discover the rest for oneself…

richard serra
Muddy Waters

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