Richard Wright

Richard Wright | the artist

The artist Richard Wright
Born 1960, London, England.
Lives and works in London, .
Style and technique of the artist: Mural Art – Muralism, Painting, Site specific art, Turner Prize,

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“In the end the position of the work could be half of the work for me. In the first instance the work has the possibility to effect or change the way you are drawn through the space it therefore has the potential to reveal the space in an a new aspect.”

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Richard Wright Turner Prize 2009
Wright creates subtle and exquisite wall paintings that respond directly to the architecture in which they are created. Often awkwardly placed in discreet locations, they combine graphic imagery and intricate patterning from sources as varied as medieval painting, graphics and typography…

Richard Wright
Working predominantly with paint and gold leaf directly on walls, his paintings are often short-lived, only surviving the length of an exhibition, they are painted over at the end of the show. This often seems to heighten the senses of the viewer in the knowledge that the work may not be viewable again, in any other place, at any other time…

Richard Wright
Chancing upon one of Richard Wright’s paintings for a second time is like the relief you might experience on bumping into a softly spoken acquaintance in a crowd. Then, just when you feel as if you had begun to connect, it disappears into thin air, leaving a ghostly after-image in the mind’s eye that won’t to go away – all wit, urbanity and enigma.Wright is an exponent of wall painting…

Richard Wright
Wright characteristically responds to the architectural sense of space and detail, by drawing directly in-situ. His work is subtle, thought-provoking and was ideally suited to Inverleith House…

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