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Robert Breer | the artist

The artist Robert Breer
Born 1926, , USA.
Died Aug 13 2011, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Sculpture Objects, Kinetic Art,

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His early work as a painter influenced his work in film, which he became involved with circa 1952. Breer’s interest in kineticism suffused many of his later works as well, from his handmade, hand-cranked mutoscopes to his “Floats,” motorized geometric forms that would move slowly around a space, changing direction when they collided with one another.

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robert breer
Robert Breer: Animator

robert breer
His best known films are composed of abstract paintings and collages made by him and shot with an old bolex camera. In the ‘60s he made pop kinetic sculptures that twitched and rolled in a comically unpredictable manner…

robert breer
For more than 40 years, Robert Breer has been making films that push the aesthetic and technical boundaries of conventional animation…

robert breer
A Man and His Dog Out For Air

robert breer

robert breer
It is not surprising that Robert Breer, the American artist who created the ‘Floats’ in the mid-1960s and who took up making them again in the ‘90s, defined his moving sculptures once as ‘motorized molluscs’, shifting away from the indefinite solemnity behind which concrete sculpture was starting to disappear at that time…

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