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The artist Robert Cahen
Born 1945, Valence, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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robert cahen
Recognized as one of France’s foremost video artists, Robert Cahen has since 1972 produced a distinguished body of work for cinema and television. In Cahen’s uniquely nuanced world, fiction and document alike are presented as metaphoric voyages of the imaginary, exquisite reveries that describe passages of time, place, memory and perception. Genres such as narrative and performance are expanded and transformed as he explores visual, aural and temporal transformations of represented reality.

robert cahen
Haunting, poetic, ethereal – Cahen’s work is often very moving, communicating with the viewer on an emotional level, rather than purely aesthetic.

robert cahen
Robert Cahen’s work with video first developed as the result of his studies of electroacoustic composition with Michel Chion and Pierre Schaeffer at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique (CNSM) in Paris in the late 1960s and early 1970s…

robert cahen
With a background as an electronic composer, he is highly skilled and considered a pioneer in the use, development and experimentation of audiovisual electronic instruments. Through his artistic practice, he has explored the natural and artificial within soundscapes and uniquely married the two mediums, audio and visual.

The exhibition "Robert Cahen s’installe" (1998 in Sélestat, Alsace) marked Cahen’s transition from the video tape to video installation. In the tall format, circa 15-minute-long silent projection entitled "Tombe"

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