Robert Jacobsen

Robert Jacobsen | the artist

The artist Robert Jacobsen
Born 1912, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
Died 1993, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Cobra,

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robert jacobsen
Before the Second World War Jacobsen worked in wood and stone, but after settling in Paris in 1947 he turned his attentions to abstract welded steel constructions in which line and form are brought spontaneously into balance with each other to produce a rhythmic elegance…

robert jacobsen
Welding was my luck. Like this I became a sculptor of iron. That’s all, there is nothing to embroider, no interesting stories to invent.

robert jacobsen
everyone, of course, must know with whom he is dealing. A former badminton champion, a film actor, a former sailor, a whale butcher, an ex-barman, an antiquarian, a musician (jazz to be sure) a chaufeur, a confectioner and a croupler, a grandfather at thirty-seven, the Danish Robert Jacobsen is certainly one of the best sculptors of our time, a worthy successor of the Rumanian Brâncuşi, of the Russian Pevsner, of the American Calder and of one or two others whom you may choose according to you tastes

robert jacobsen: Concrétion
Robert Jacobsen, 1912-93, was self-taught as a sculptor and graphic artist. His earliest sculptures were figures in wood and stone, including a series of Fabulous Beasts, the shape of which was inspired by the encounter with Asger Jorn in the 1940s…

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