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Robert MacPherson | the artist

The artist Robert MacPherson
Born Febr 14 1937, Brisbane, Australia.
Lives and works in Brisbane, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Painting, Sharjah Biennale, Sydney Biennale,

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He has been a central figure in Australian art since the 1970s, producing works which combine a rigorous conceptual base with observations about ordinary life and people. The surface simplicity and austerity of his works belie his complex investigation into visual and linguistic structures. Focusing on the structures of the common world around him and drawing from the folkloric traditions of rural Australia, he creates works that are playful and poetic.

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Robert MacPherson
MacPherson thus highlights the disjunction between the ordered system of language and the world's chaotic plethora of things that language describes. He celebrates both the refined beauty of art and the banality of everyday life…

Robert MacPherson
Untitled (detail)

Robert MacPherson
… There was a certain warmth to this group of works by MacPherson. The materials and narratives of the works enabled viewers new to MacPherson's work to understand his concern with particularly Australian languages and histories.

Robert MacPherson
Untitled work, enamel paint on canvas

Robert MacPherson
Until photography lured him in 1851, Robert Macpherson enjoyed a socially active career as a painter, journalist, and art dealer. A tall, gregarious redhead described as "gifted with that rare endowment, the art of pleasing," the Scottish Macpherson cut a striking figure wearing a kilt on the streets of Rome, where he had moved for his health around 1840. He became a commercial photographer and opened a shop in Rome, from which he sold prints…

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